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an open letter

the art of … hope

Dear wonderful soul….

I woke up this morning thinking about my life and why I find it so enchanting these days. I wondered if you feel the same way.

This time of year there seems to be all these songs that speak to living fully, appreciating even the smallest things and our sentimentality seems to leak out all over the place. I am not saying this is a bad thing, but perhaps it should be more a way of life, and not a seasonal sort of thing.

that said –

I hope that you have found a way to work, that feeds your soul. It doesn’t have to be your job- sometimes it cannot be. We work to support ourselves, our families, for health insurance, for the ability to put food on the table. Sometimes our passion and our forty hour a week job cannot be the same…. but I hope, I pray you have found a way to find some time for the work that you love, for the work that inspires you.

I hope that you are surrounded by those you love. Sometimes life is not easy- I certainly understand that. Relationships can be a challenge- but I pray that you are surrounded by love, the kind of love that you know will sustain you when the chips are down and celebrate you when you are riding on top of the world, the tough love that is honest with you when you are on the wrong path, and the tender love that holds your hand when your days seem the darkest.

I hope that today- you felt the difference that you make in the world. I pray it is positive and you can easily see in the reflection of life why you make a difference… if you cannot- I pray you find the courage to change and grow- and truly make a difference.

I pray for your wonder- the awe of the world around you, the deepest peace in your heart and the greatest joy in your days. I hope you have countless entries of gratitude and endless moments of laughter…

Have a beautiful, wonder filled day
in peace-

A lit gazebo in the middle of a snowy field.