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The Art of Bloom

So here we are, at the end of February and I have to say that my life has been quite a whirlwind these past weeks. Forgive me for ignoring my blog, trust me it is not that I don’t have anything to say, in fact I have TONS to say. Every minute of the day is chuck full and my mind doesn’t seem to quiet down long enough to fill a blog post. I have started several, but then something happens or my attention is needed elsewhere and off I go.

I PROMISE to catch you up soon. If nothing else, because the last few weeks have been sort of my own personal transformation miracle. MANY life long dreams have literally come true, and I am finding that this new life is sort of keeping me on my toes, joyfully so- but still, I am still adjusting to all of this. I will tell you, I feel like I have prepared my entire life for this moment.

I have begun making wearable art. They are made from glass and my photography/ artwork- I am excited and thrilled to tell you that this has afforded me the opportunity to do GREAT good, and definitely share the love. Making these pendants has reminded me of my most basic philosophy- every little bit counts. At first it bothered me in a BIG way to cut up my photography but then I became enchanted with the palette that is my camera. I see the big picture, for sure, but I also notice and appreciate all the little details.

I am working on a gallery- as I literally have hundreds of pendants, earrings and other fun- florals, angels, water, fireworks, the list goes on and on. I am so excited because every image has a story, and every piece matters. This is my code in life, appreciate EVERYTHING, even the tiniest detail and the fact that it is carried through to my work feels right, it feels like the coming together of years of work.

To give you a wee bit of a taste, I have uploaded three pendants. I PROMISE there are more to come- Soon I will have a gallery not only for my work, but the work of my amazing artists Tom Bardo & Sherie Griffith- I invite you to stick with me… and share the journey. This is such a fun process!

These pendants are $18 + tax and $2 shipping. They come with a chain/or necklace, when you contact me, we can discuss that.

pendant with the image of a stone angela closeup image of a daisya white lilac flower

Thanks for listening, be prepared, I have many more things I want to share with you soon! Thank you so much for sharing this life, this path with me.
In Peace,