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The Art of… living your passion

What’s your schedule today? Shower, make lunches, work, grocery store, laundry, make dinner, dishes, pass out- repeat

Wait- what? Where was take a drive to photograph the field of color, where was time to write a few more chapters of that book, create an amazing __________ (fill in the blank). Hmmmm ?

Well, there aren’t enough hours in the day. Nice cliché – but it is just an excuse

I saw a poster this week- it rested in a high school on an art room door- and the message? “Live out loud”
I was positively stunned by this. LIVE OUT LOUD? It took a few minutes for the meaning to sink in for me.
As a person who has perfected the art of NOT rocking the boat, and in fact someone who finds complete contentment in the quiet corner; this concept not only caught me off guard, but intrigued me. The invitation it presented left me wondering if I had the courage to accept.

“Live out loud”, certainly isn’t an invitation to become obnoxious and offensive. It is more an invitation to be aware of who you are, what you are called to do and how you plan on connecting to that and owning it. Living out loud means you are willing to take the risk to not only honor who you are but also to stand up and be seen, set an example. To be the best at whatever you choose to do for who and where you are. Do not allow ANYONE to take that power away from you.

No, we are not all Abraham Lincoln, or Henri Matisse, there might not be a Nobel Prize in our future or our names engraved on a wall somewhere, yet we have the opportunity- No- it’s bigger than that, we have the obligation to bring the best we are to the table.

YOU have the power to change the world.

Yep. I mean it. You do.

Remember the last time that young woman waited on you at the diner? She recited the day’s specials with vigor, your coffee never got below half a cup and she thanked you sincerely for allowing her to wait on you. I am sure at some point you wondered what SHE was drinking, however,I will suggest she was living her passion. NO prizes will be won for her, but she provided amazing service, she greeted you with a sincere heart and and endless smile that matched the endless coffee. You remember her, right?

She changed your day- she might have even changed YOU.

I have passed people in cars with a broad huge smile on their faces- it occurred to me that I don’t smile randomly, perhaps I should. I should live even doing mundane tasks – with PASSION.

The thing is, we humans get tired. It’s not easy to live 100%. We get caught up in our jobs and to do lists, we forget that every moment is for us to enjoy- even and perhaps ESPECIALLY when we are working. NO ONE can be a better YOU than YOU can. so…. I dare you…


In peace-

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