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the art of… angels

Broken Wing

It seems I am on a theme of imperfection, this image sort of continues the theme. The angel has a broken wing, yet I still find her enchantingly beautiful. I am amazed, to be frank at how powerful this statue is in spite of, or perhaps because of her broken wing. It seems to me in her vulnerability is her greatest strength.

Each of us seems to attach our own personal meaning to the idea of an angel. It seems like there is very little play with the middle of the road either you believe or you don’t. Interestingly enough we each seem to have our own vision about the mission of an angel. There have been countless representations in the media from an elderly gentleman to puffy cupids to beautiful sexy angels that teach us life lessons while saving us from some horrible near death experience. I will skip the theology of angels, who can technically become one and who cannot. I believe most will agree that angels are at the very least intended to be positive, a guardian of sorts.

I have many angels in my life. Some I am very well acquainted with, some just a fleeting glance. You have them too. In this spirit of gratitude I am much more aware of my surroundings. I take much more of life in.

When is the last time a total stranger gave you something you truly needed at that moment; it changed your day maybe even your life?

I remember the Christmas after my mother died it was a typical day, I was going through the motions of final preparation for the upcoming holy day. I was scurrying around the grocery store, my heart was heavy and I was anxiously making my way through the store along with most of the rest of the town. People were hustling and bustling to get the next task crossed off their to do list. I remember feeling the urgency of the day as well as frustration that the people in front of me were slowing me down.

then it happened an angel came it changed everything for me
My day, my Christmas

My heart

This angel did not in any way personify the angels Hollywood would like us to choke down. I assure you- he was MY angel-

An elderly man with the clear evidence of a long and challenging life slightly disheveled began singing the carol,”Oh Holy Night” right there in the middle of the organic section of the grocery store. He wasn’t subtle either. People around him just stopped as if the notes coming out of his throat were there to dance on each one of our hearts. His booming spirited voice filled me. Tears streamed down my face, my heart softened, my spirit restored.

That song, that moment, changed me. He was an angel for me.

So was the woman who did nothing more than smile the most sincere smile at me, or my granddaughter who runs to me and throws her arms around me when I pick her up. Included in my list of angels are countless people who took a moment to positively affect another human being. With their honorable intent, doing what they do best to the greatest of their ability.

So today- I wish you the grace of your angels, not just the power of their touch on your life, but your ability to see and appreciate that power.

I wish YOU the ability to BE an angel for someone else. You never really know what you do might mean to someone else. Oh and don’t give me the,”I’m not perfect enough to be angel.”- of course you aren’t, none of us are- but you are beautiful where you are- who you are- you have incredible power!

In peace-

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