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The art of … hard work

I don’t think this will be a long post, but hopefully my thoughts will be more than clear. I feel like in my fifty something years I have never taken the time to truly sit back and observe. Lately I find myself taking it all in and then sort of picking through the bits and pieces at three am when sleep fails me. (You have to do something when you cannot sleep!)

One of the things I have learned is that I love to work hard. I am satisfied, I feel whole, I feel like I added to society in some way. It’s really a good thing.

I tease my mother in law often about her hard working spirit. However truth be told it is truly something I have always admired about her. Even retired, she works harder than most people I know. She gets up early has her day planned and she pushes through with diligence and effort. Truly there is NO slacking for her. One of the things she loves is to garden. She likes to arrange things in just a certain order. One of the latest projects was to create a proper English garden- (please don’t mention that she lives in New York, NOT England!) Mom will not only research to decide Commonly Uncommonwhat should go into the garden, she will seek out just the proper plants. She will plan and plant, and perfect the space. She does this to the point of digging up and moving trees. FREQUENTLY. No tree is about to stop her composition. She will just simply move it. How many of us would EVER even think of moving a tree let alone doing it when you are a seventy something year old woman!? However, I am reasonably sure that at the end of the day she is satisfied, and I also suspect she sleeps pretty well. (who wouldn’t after moving a tree) Her garden is beautiful, her efforts are clear.

Here’s my point.

Do whatever YOU do well. Work DARN hard at it- NO MATTER WHAT! Living half way seems to inspire misery, discontent, and honestly who needs to inspire that?

Working hard- to the best YOU’VE got- should inspire self-awareness, self-pride, and will positively bloom in the world. How can you possibly lose? I feel like we as humans are afraid to get messy. We don’t want to get dirty, or sweat- (my brother always says, that men sweat, women glisten) or get dirt under our nails, yet that is the VERY thing that gives us life.

So get busy-
Work hard,
and bloom
I dare you.

In peace,

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