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The art of making it happen

I am sort of in awe of the process of my life. Every time I have an ah ha moment I want to shout. This week I had such a moment- I’d like to share it with you.

I’ve always thought that if you work hard good things will come to you. It might not be today or tomorrow, but patience and hard work ALWAYS pays off. I still think so. However, I also think a little splash of tenacity thrown in doesn’t hurt either.

It occurs to me that I accept a great deal about my life, I also think that society has given me sort of a ruler by which I can measure success as well as how things should happen. I think we willingly live inside the box we are assigned to feigning that we are wild and crazy and live outside that same box. Well NO more for me!

This week has been about completing some renovations to Create Art 4 Good- my mission- I want to make it more accessible to both artists as well as patrons. The changes are positive and I am truly excited about the growth of CA4G. It’s been quite a bit of work and I have more to do before we “bloom” again, it is worth every effort I assure you!

In the midst of my work on CA4G, working full time, being a partner, mother, grandmother as well as the other roles I am honored to live every day I have been working on some books. Yep. books. Children’s books, as well as a few for adults. There must be at least forty-five of them or so swimming in my head. I think they have been “cooking” for a really LONG time. I have played at writing for literally decades, never truly finishing anything. I have been working diligently for the last month or so on illustrations for a children’s book creating many paintings with no firm story line.

Then it happened.

I woke up Wednesday- and the words just became so clear to me. Ironically they had NOTHING to do with anything I had been working on except I kept hearing my 12th grade writing teacher’s mantra, “WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW!”

So I did.

Inside of less than two hours (there were quite a few distractions) I completed my first official children’s book.

Here’s my point, I have been working hard preparing for this moment my entire life. I am not suggesting that my efforts have been half hearted, only that there has been something missing. Tenacity. Don’t let what you THINK should happen get in your way. Be brave, be bold, get the work done.

My book is a symbol of possibility to me. I opened the door, worked at my best and am now ready to complete the illustrations. What happened for me Wednesday was that I changed my mindset from “I want to” to I AM.

The power is in your hand my friend- make it happen.
In Peace always,

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