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The art of the roller coaster….

Welcome to May! It is only the 8th and already this month has been quite a roller coaster. As a youth I LOVED roller coasters. My husband and I would go down to the lake where our favorite roller coaster (the Jack Rabbit- the oldest continuously running wooden roller coaster in the United States) waited for us to hop on and take a few rides and move on to the next activity. It was fun, inexpensive and a bit daring.

I confess. Times have changed.

I don’t really like the big ups and downs, turns and twists. But then, I am not nineteen anymore either.

The good thing about roller coasters is that you seem to grow to appreciate the highs where you can see for miles more profoundly after experiencing the horrific lows. Seems like a metaphor for life, but then you knew I was going there, didn’t you?

For me, May 2013 represents a ride on the most intense roller coaster. On this the eighth day of the month, I find myself already wanting to get off and find a nice park bench somewhere to reflect upon the blessings and try to escape the stresses and sadness. Life doesn’t seem to give you a ticket off the ride though- it is all part of the journey. The highs are incredible, however, in a different way, the lows are as well.

One of the things I do NOT enjoy about roller coasters (now) is that it all feels out of control. I don’t feel like I have a moment to breathe and I find it all sort of frightening. Oddly there is a lesson to be learned there. I am NOT in control, not even a little bit, so just like riding a roller coaster I must use the tools I know I possess in order to be successful on the journey.


Here are my tips for a successful “ride”
1. Live with no regrets- while it is probably smart to strap yourself into the roller coaster, you just never know what is going to happen. Being prepared for the ups and downs is probably NOT a bad thing, yes?

2. Speaking of the ups and downs- it’s also important to truly live. Don’t leave angry, say goodnight, remember to use the precious words, “I love you” as often as possible (with meaning!) oh and by the way, please and thank you aren’t such a bad idea either.

3. Laugh- laugh really hard, you know that belly laugh you belt out when you are both scared and thrilled all at the same time? Laugh AND mean it- it’s good for you.

4. Take pictures: you can see forever on a roller coaster- taking pictures in the good times sustains you through some of the lows. Who doesn’t love a good picture?

5. Be grateful- be grateful that you not only got off the roller coaster safely, but for ever possible blessing in your world. Gratitude provides light in the deepest darkness. It’s important and probably one of the most important tools you will ever have besides love.

6. Speaking of love- Love deeply. Love the people close to you, (because you are all on the same ride!) but love everyone else too. The weird guy running the ride, the person that cut in line ahead of you- go ahead, love them- I promise your ulcer will be much smaller.

If life is one big roller coaster ride, I wish you the ability to appreciate every moment. May the highs balance the lows and may you always have a ticket to ride.
wishing you peace-

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