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The art of Wonder….

The art of Wonder.

So, it’s interesting. I remember crying to my mother complaining that everything possible had gone wrong. She would patiently listen to my long list of complaints and as I calmed down waiting to hear her give me words of comfort and empathy she would say, “okay, now what are you grateful for?” UGH! Seriously? I recited my litany of complaints to have to be somehow grateful?

Here’s what I have learned since.

1. There is ALWAYS someone having a worse day that I am

2. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

Let’s take it a step further.
Gratitude is a lovely wonderful goal in life. Some days I am better at it than others. These days I am trying to take a step further.

The thing is, when you spend a great deal of your energy being grateful and positive it is sort of catchy. I find that I am grateful for EVERYTHING. It has changed my way of thinking. It alters the thought process. I literally hear my mother whisper to me, “and what are you grateful for?” when I dive into negativity.

yes. I am grateful for even that way of thinking.

Here’s the awesome side benefit though. I find myself not only being grateful, but actually being in awe of the gifts around me. It’s amazing.

I have always been someone of simple needs. These days if I am able to accomplish something, even the most simplistic of things, I find myself whispering words of gratitude. For example, a few days ago I drove to Rhode Island to bring my youngest home from his freshman year of college. To maximize the space I drove alone. I admit I was nervous about doing so. I don’t think I have ever even stayed in a hotel alone!

This trip held many reasons to be grateful bringing my son home at the top of the list. But there were two other points that stick in my head. First, after much coaxing from my dear husband on the phone, I went out to dinner – yes. alone.

I know, that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it was for me. I have NEVER eaten alone in a restaurant. It seems awkward at best.

but I did it.

and it WAS delicious!

2013-05-15 21.56.43

In reality it wasn’t a big deal. I took my iPad, I did some writing, I had a glass of wine and it all worked out just fine.

but I was not only grateful (for my husband pushing me to go) but also for the moment, for the opportunity to take a breath, enjoy a meal and not be all weirded out that I was alone. The meal was wonderful- the down time was wonderful. I was in awe of it all.

Another moment of profound gratitude came the next morning. I was feeling so completely lazy, nearly coma like. I didn’t want to move. After I got out of the shower, I was brushing my soaked hair and looked down to see a blow dryer. I know, I know, most of you are already saying, yes, so?!”.

Here’s the thing. I don’t even OWN a blow dryer.

I convince myself it is because I don’t want to damage my hair. I am not sure that is the reason.

Anyway- I did it. I picked up the blow dryer and dried my hair.


I am still sort of in awe of how that simple act made me feel. A moment for ME, a moment to take care of myself and feel a little more put together. I was in complete wonder of that moment. The gratitude, the simplicity, the opportunity to feel grateful for even the most simple of things.

And yes, I can hear my mother – and yes Mom, I am in awe of this gratitude thing. I am in wonder- Thank you for this gift.

Wishing you peace-

stop to smell the roses

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