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The Art of Remembering…..

The art of remembering…

Memorial Day 2013a

In school we are required as Americans to learn about previous wars. It’s history. It is long ago. Many of the current students might even struggle to know someone who has served in a war that becomes part of their education of the past. So in their minds, it does not affect them.

Perhaps unless you have lived it in some way you take for granted that the people who have fought in representation of each of us, fought personally FOR US. They sacrificed everything from birthday parties, to Sunday dinners and in many cases their very lives. Regardless of the mortality rate which is always too high in any conflict, I would suggest that no one who has experienced a war has ever returned home unscathed. A part of them is lost, the innocence shattered, spirits torn and they are left to pick up the pieces of their lives.

This goes for their families too.

Everyone is affected by this. The strain on families often destroys them. The hardships too much to fight through.

the devastation continues.

The personal stories of those who have sacrificed never is recorded in history books. We see images of soldiers dressed in their uniforms gratefully smiling as they return. We cannot see the hidden scars that never heal, the pain that never goes away or their families that are shattered along with them.

Today we live through many conflicts across our globe. The sacrifice continues. I assume that nearly every one of us knows someone who wears or has worn a uniform. Our world is in conflict, there is strife everywhere.

The men and women that serve us though are not just limited to those who wear the uniform. Their families serve and sacrifice too. The empty chair at the table night after night, missing the graduation or baptism or even birth of your child, missing grandma’s funeral; all of these leave a whole in everyone’s heart.

When a young man or woman steps up to the plate and enters the service, their entire circle of friends and family join them. We worry, we pray, we are terrified that we will never see them again.

So- we remember. We remember those who have served first and foremost. They have volunteered, they have been drafted, they have served with courage in spite of their fears. We remember the wives, the husbands, the moms and dads, they children, friends and everyone who has loved someone who worn a uniform.

Remember- honor them. Pay for a meal of a service person, thank them when you see them, write a note, an email, or even a text. They have sacrificed all. This is NOT a cliché, this is an opportunity to give back to someone who has paid for YOUR FREEDOM and for your Peace.
In deep gratitude I will always remember

My personal thanks to my grandfather Lester Pero, my father in law- James Duffy, my brother Wayne Carmen, my nephew Jason Carmen, countless friends who have served and their entire circle of friends and family.
You truly are heroes.

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