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The art of …. being out in the world

2013-05-27 10.11.29

I admit, I really LOVE being locked in my studio, with the music of the day playing in compliment in the background,an array of art supplies within reach on my work table, the clock stopped and the cell phone left consciously on the kitchen table. It’s a slice of heaven on earth. Forgive me if I sound anti social or rude, but it is down right delicious to have some time- ALONE to create. No pressure, no one peaking in to see what I am doing. I am able to make mistakes, create wildly, get messy and push my own unintended limits.


There’s something ironically authentic about living that cliché that all artists/writers seems to dream about. Sitting in a coffee shop, with my computer, working on my blog. The piano music playing keeping the beat along with the click of the keys. The four women gathered about fifteen feet from me are talking over each other sharing stories about volunteerism and training cycles. Each donning their designer sportswear in a different color, sans any sort of detectable make up, hair perfectly done, slamming their competitors. Their competition is not limited to the next marathon but even their conversation.

A gentleman sits quietly in the corner seemingly staring off into space as he sips his frozen coffee. His headphones are protect him from the lively conversation that is splattering on the air waves in this room.

Behind the runners is placed two chairs with middle-aged women sitting fairly closely together. Their conversation is hushed, one seems to be experiencing family issues. Her face is serious and her tones quiet and sad. Occasionally you hear a comment about how “he doesn’t understand me.”

In and out drift couples, families, and other souls all lining up for their morning injection of caffeine. FEED THE NEED. Outside and endless stream of cars dance patiently in the sunshine waiting for their turn to partake in the giant of liquid love.

Constant movement

In and out.

This is the life!

I feel like each of these people is now a character study in some future novel. The piano cued to play to this scene sings now, words flowing through my fingers,every now and again taking a sip and a break to inhale the spirit of the room.

I am blessed to have the need to create not just with paper and pencils, paint and clay, but also words. Suddenly I understand a little more about what Oscar Wilde said, “”Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life”.

clearly, I should get out of my studio more often.

I never really understood Plein Aire painting. It seemed so inconvenient to me. Why fight mosquitoes and other rough terrain when I could take a photograph and paint happily in my studio?

But I understand a little more now- The photo is just a mere representation of life. This IS life

I don’t think I could have dreamed up the characters that share space with me had I not wanted to take a chance, and sit in this coffee shop and take it all in.

Here’s my advice

Get out of your safe zone.
go out and play

It’s a new flavor, you deserve the opportunity to take a sip!
In Peace,

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