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The art of conviction…

What a wonderful world we live in. Yes, you heard me… I really did say that. I know it’s not an EASY world. I understand that there are challenges, sadness and horrible things, but also there is good.

A few months ago, I received an email from a writer. She wanted to interview me for an article for what she called the “Inspire pages”. I will be honest to say I didn’t believe that she really wanted to speak with me. I saw no reason that I could inspire anyone, let alone be interviewed for it. Yet, I agreed to meet with her even though steeped in disbelief.

I will spare you the details of the story only to say that I was honored to meet this lovely woman named Amanda- she was kind and generous and lovely to speak with. I felt like she was an old friend.

Upon meeting Amanda, I relaxed immediately and opened my heart to her. It was clear to me- I truly had a passion for my “business”- really, my vocation.
It was interesting seeing that as I described my journey to “Create Art 4 Good” to her. It was exciting, it was a joy, it was an honor to share.

But frustrations happen and sometimes get in the way – and CA4G is no exception to that.

The wonder of it all is that the article came out and new life was given to Create Art 4 Good. It was there inside me, it was out in the world, however the flames were suddenly burning brightly on a slowly burning fire.

The amazing thing, is that I have been given the opportunity to speak to countless people in recent weeks about Create Art 4 Good- the more I speak about it, the more I want to speak about it. I know more than ever how much I BELIEVE in this process, how beautiful it is to see artists create work, put them out in the world and make a difference to someone in need. It is truly an honor to be a part of this and to watch it grow.

Here’s the wonder of it all. you CAN make a difference. It seems I am proof of it.

No, I am not prideful or arrogant, at least I pray not. But I AM doing what I believe is right. I am using my talents to try to make a difference. I am sharing what I have.

That my friends is the MOST amazing gift in the world. Doing what you love and taking care of your fellow human. It’s amazing. incredible, frustrating and awesome.

Create Art 4 Good is simple. Artists make art, artists sell art, charitable organizations directly gain support. It works.

It’s beautiful


I challenge you- make a difference- with whatever you do- (please feel free to join Create Art 4 Good)
just do your very best! reach your highest star

Together we will change our corner of the world.

In peace,


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