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The art of anticipation

Anticipation is an interesting thing. When I was years old and it was December twenty-fourth I remember thinking that I would just explode before it was Christmas morning. Christmas morning was filled with magic for me. Visually it was incredible. The tree sparkled with lights carefully hung, sentimental ornaments that hung my memories on each carefully chosen branch. Gifts with ribbons and bows and tags made out for me and the rest of my family scattered all over the rug beneath the tree thrilled me. The anticipation of this though, seemed to be just as magical as the actual event.

I remember my first deepest ties with faith being surrounded by the wonder of Christmas, it wasn’t about the packages, but the fact that a baby who was born to change the universe could be born in such a humble way. But I digress.

Tonight I am filled with anticipation as well. It might as well be Christmas eve (even though as I write this the sounds of fireworks light up my senses to celebrate the treasured independence of our country). I have a meeting in the morning that will make a huge difference in my life, in my vocation. Like Christmas even when I was merely six, I am anxious, excited and nearly breathless at the thoughts swimming through my head.

It’s interesting… isn’t it?

When something excites us our demeanor changes completely. For me, everything feels like the sunny side of life, I smile more, I think clearer and certainly more rapidly. I definitely do not sleep much. (like I do normally? Hmmm)

I suppose the point I am trying to make is I react completely differently to life when something is on the agenda that gets me charged up. So my question is why does it take a major life event to feel these things? Why do I waste treasuring every single moment?

While it is true that it certainly takes BUCKETS full of energy to be in “this place” – I also suggest that the anticipation of life, of every moment should be packed with a little more appreciation. It’s sort of like eating regular meals at predictable times. The food tastes good, it nourishes us and fuels the body, but it is not quite the same as when we are REALLY hungry. See what I mean? It could very well be the same food but it tastes differently, more satisfying, more intense.

While I do not suggest that we should run on “high intensity mode” 24/7, I do suggest that we honor some of the more ordinary moments in life with a bit more anticipation, after all, every moment IS precious regardless if it is December 25th, July 5 or just another day in this ordinary life.

I wish you moments of simple extraordinary anticipation- may it be another way you appreciate your gifts, and this life that you have been given.
In Peace,

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