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The art of taking stock

It’s interesting, you know? Taking a moment, to evaluate and measure where I am in life. I try not to wait til New Year’s eve or my birthday- you know those cliche days when you evaluate your journey and realize that you didn’t hold your promise to go the gym or clear the clutter in your garage. For me, it’s vital to check in more often than that. The cool thing about life is that every day we get a “do-over” even if we don’t always take advantage of that opportunity.

As I’ve aged, I believe I am slightly more objective (stop laughing, please) about my ability, my progress and the reality of my goals. I diligently try to not remodel the house every time we have a birthday party or celebrate a holiday. I try to remember I do not have Martha Stewart’s staff nor her bank account. It’s not always easy, I lay awake nights planning and believing I can move mountains with the sand shovel in Gabby’s (my 4 year old granddaughter) bucket. Reality sinks in and I realize that I have to do what I can with the best of my abilities, realistically.

But the perspective doesn’t stop there.

When I am objective about my life, often it surprises the progress I have made. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter most. For instance, I used to get VERY upset when I was surrounded by discourteous drivers. Being followed too closely or cut off or, well you know the drill used to truly upset me. One day I realized it really wasn’t about me at all. Most people who drive that ways would frankly drive that way regardless of whom was in the car near them. It also occurred to me that they might in fact be driving to an emergency or just been in an argument with their spouse or… well you get the idea. Perhaps they are just in need of a little extra love and grace. Now instead of taking their thoughtlessness personally, I say a prayer for them. Frankly it doesn’t matter if they are distracted by something difficult in life or just a poor driver I am reasonably certain they would benefit from a prayer. This is good because I am much calmer and the negativity does not affect me. A few years ago something this small would have upset me for too long of a period of time.

Life is not about climbing the highest mountain, (or moving it) it may just be about the celebration of the little successes. String those together and perhaps they ARE the huge mountain. Take stock my friend- LIVE and BREATHE in each moment-Spread your wings and celebrate the person you are today and keep working to become a better one tomorrow.

I wish you peace,

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