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The art of desire


It’s so interesting to me, this life. I do my best to live fully each day. Existing is not an option. I admit, it isn’t easy, but it is essential to me.

I am old enough and hopefully wise enough to know that “stuff” doesn’t really make me happy. I admit that a new micron pen or some 300lb arches watercolor paper does make me a little giddy only because I like great art supplies and it gives birth to a new opportunity for me to create. It is life giving to me to create art. But the point is that the STUFF didn’t make me happy, the opportunity did.

It seems like anything I have periods where I do not make the opportunity to make art. When I return to my passion I wonder why on earth I ever stopped. If it fills me with such life and gives me joy then why on EARTH would I not do it daily?

Well the answer to that is easy. Life gets in the way.

We have jobs, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, professional and personal obligations. All are necessary, potentially unfun, but still- on the ” to do” list. Darn it, they all get in the way of playing with that 300lb watercolor paper or the wicked cool set of colored pencils my sons bought me for Christmas.

HOWEVER- I suggest to you that if you get through the “to do” list you get a free pass to do that thing you want most. So let’s see, you get all your stuff done THEN you get to play. It might sound like a child’s game, but honestly it works for me.

In my mind, being a grown up means that you have to get that list done. What I have learned is that it doesn’t have to make me miserable. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a clean house. I love it when the glass sparkles, the closets are organized and there are too many towels to comfortably fit in the linen closet. However, that is not what it is all about for me. Using what I WANT to do to help me get through the perhaps less desirable is very effective for me.

Just like when I was six- you do this, then you get this. It’s pretty simple really.

My desires fuel my ability to function in the real world. It gets me through the toilet bowls of life and brings me to where I WANT TO BE.
How can that be bad?

My suggestion?
Find what makes your heart soar. Allow yourself to breathe that in.
YOU DESERVE to do what makes you happy.
Get the “to do list” checked off.
and go play

I dare you-
let your desires win
and simply choose happiness.

wishing you peace and everything good-

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  1. Susan….
    I am enthralled with your posts….especially this one. It resonates with me and I thank you for being you and able to get theses thoughts and feelings into words. 🙂

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