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Today we are two!

So, Happy anniversary! Today Create Art 4 Good is officially two. Ta Da! (hear the band playing in the background?!) Although there were months of planning and writing business plans, preparing and pondering, (sort of like a pregnancy)before- today was the day in 2011 that I decided to make a splash and share with the world my heart and vocation.

The days leading to this one have been very interesting. I will not deny that there have been times I have felt deeply discouraged, however, part of me has always believed. There have also been amazing moments. I am completely stunned by the generosity of humans. I have learned much, and grown beyond my wildest expectations. I generally find myself in a state of wonder. Each day in this journey reveals itself as to why I am doing this, or how all the pieces of this incredible puzzle will fit together. I am more open than ever before and certainly more grateful.

I have been blessed beyond measure by my artists AND my charities. I am positively giddy when I have the opportunity to write checks to the charities (and artists too!) It is inspiring to see my artists succeed and our named charities be able to do a little more of what they are so good at.

Our online presence is undergoing some remodeling, however soon we will welcome the FIVE new artists that have joined us this summer- In addition to Tom, and Sherie and myself we welcome Marlene Caroselli, Meaghan Duffy, Stu Chait, Desmond French and Anna Jannes. Mixed Media, fiber, watercolor abstractions, photography and beaded jewelry! I am truly honored and excited to have so much talent joining the efforts of Create Art 4 Good.

In addition to an online presence, I am working on getting our own Gallery space. Having a studio will make decades of my dreams come true. Hopefully, this will happen very soon!

The seeds of this vocation are planted and I am thrilled to see the bloom!- I am grateful beyond measure. Thank you, each of you, who has offered a kind word of encouragement, purchased art, shared your wisdom, given of yourself, shared about Create Art 4 Good, hosted an Art party, given us space to exhibit and more. Each of you is responsible for our success. I am in your debt.

Happy Anniversary-
I wish you peace and offer my deepest gratitude,

2nd anniversary

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