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The art of this journey.

To say that these days are full of wonder (and hard work) is an under statement. Have you ever wanted something so badly and then suddenly found the keys to your dream in the palm of your hand? I have! This week a lifetime of “if I ever get my own studio…” came true for me.

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Today, after a lifetime of dreaming about it (and a week of cleaning it) I am moving (with a great amount of help) furniture into my very own art studio. I wish I could express accurately the joy that I feel. The realization of this dream seems to not only satisfy my heart in the most incredible calm way, it also fuels the endless passion I feel for both art AND Create Art 4 Good.

To say I feel blessed would just be a disservice to the magnitude of what I truly feel.

I didn’t get here alone. I am so grateful to have enormous support from my family and dear friends. From my father’s support, to my sister painting (while wearing a boot for her fallen ankle bone, not to mention the fun accessories she and her family gifted me with), my nieces AND granddaughter helping me clean and claim this space for my own. photo (4) There are countless people lending positive energy to this project, from the causal friend wishing me well, to those who have walked the journey with me for the last thirty or so years, to poor Larry the Manager of the building who I have been calling twice a week (at his suggestion) for the last three months.

I AM grateful

I am also motivated. I feel like this project more than ever has a life of it’s own. Things fall into place and continually amaze me. I am honored to share with you that there are nine artists, soon to be more sharing the efforts of this project. A studio will afford us the opportunity to share incredible art, offer classes, lectures and endless opportunities with the community at large.

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It’s funny, one of the pieces of furniture I am moving into my studio is a desk my husband purchased for me more than twenty years ago. It was old then, it’s much older now. BUT I feel like this desk is a metaphor for Create Art 4 Good Studios. It is like a puzzle, you have to take it apart to move it. That can be scary, but once it’s put back together it’s incredibly beautiful. It requires patience and trust, but there is a big plan, and together we will create and make a difference one step at a time.

I wish you peace and all the joy your heart can hold.

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