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The art of finding your bliss

So, you have a dream. You know dreams- Hollywood builds much of our entertainment about people finding their dreams. The thing about Hollywood is even though there is some sort of struggle (there always has to be a bad guy you know) in the end, almost always the main character realizes his dream and then the credits roll on. I would be that ordinary humans struggle a bit more to make their dreams a reality. We usually accept that our lives are full of good things and struggles, but yes, many of us dare to work diligently toward our dreams.

I will admit to you that I haven’t always been diligent. I have allowed self-doubt to rob me of my ability to be consistently tenacious. Interestingly enough I feel like even that is part of the journey to this actualization. Dreams are not always realized as easy as 1-2-3. For me it’s been more like 1, 2. x, 7, coast, 43, t, now get back on track…. yet here we are.

I believe that dreams don’t realize themselves, but I also believe that every tool we are able to pick up on the journey actually helps build that dream. I understand now that every piece of the puzzle stands alone and doesn’t make sense, but when carefully placed it all works to create something real, tangible and fantastic.

It’s happened, for me- I have the keys to one of my dream right here in my hand. I visit it almost every day- I finally have my own studio.

Historically when I am excited about something I am like a seven year old on Christmas. Now don’t shake your head, I try to think of it is one of my charming characteristics rather than blatant immaturity at my ripe old age. Yet these days, as I realize my dreams and they unfold like a red carpet in my life, I find that the bloom is not upon my face, it is just this peaceful amazing moment. Each step along the way has been full of grace and yes, bliss.

Opening Create Art 4 Good Studios has truly been a lifelong dream. When I opened the door last Friday evening, I opened it realizing that it was far from perfect, yet my heart was full, my soul was open and I was able to invite total strangers into my world and fill with gratitude for their mere presence.

The thing I am understanding about bliss is that it is strength, peace and joy all rolled into one. Suddenly you understand all those random thoughts that have been rolling around in your head for decades. You are able to give from this endless well, understand what needs to happen next and breathe in each moment as it creates a new treasured memory.

So, my advice to you, dear ones- FIND YOUR BLISS- chase your dreams. Work hard and steadfastly, do not allow anyone to fill your heart with doubt.
It is upon you- to not only chase your dreams- but to make them happen
I wish you everything the strength and courage to do so.
In peace,


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