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The art of the puzzle

Since late September and opening the door to Create Art 4 Good Studios you would be correct if you suggested that MOST of my time has been occupied by 1115 East Main Street, Suite #201. I would venture to say that this isn’t actually a bad thing.

One of the things I have said repeatedly- and I suppose I could blog all day about this, but I intend to keep it simple- this journey has been about putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.

I feel like I have been gathering the puzzle pieces for my entire life. Suddenly I actually know where they belong. How simply amazing is that? It has become about listening and working- paying attention and hearing what happens next. I don’t always know what I am supposed to do when I walk through the door of my studio. Most of the time it becomes obvious almost immediately. While my studio is sort of like a spoiled child (you know the type- positively adorable but needing oodles of attention) it is such a source of peaceful joy for me.

Tonight one of my artists called to offer assistance for the Grand Opening on Sunday. He then asked me, “Are you getting excited?” I replied, “hmmm no, not really.” This confused him. “Are you nervous?” he questioned. “Nope.” I replied.

So for any of you that know me I am reasonably certain that you are just as shocked as Tom was. I am usually little kid on Christmas excited when something wonderful is going on in my life. I also get EXTREMELY nervous about big events, especially social ones. But these days- the pieces all fit together. I am moving forward with my entire heart doing what I KNOW I should be doing.

I am grateful, I am calm, I am in awe.

As if I needed further proof- today I was signing a song from “Les Mis” in my head for the ENTIRE day. I thought it was sort of quaint at work. I then sang it all evening at the studio. Upon coming home I thought, ” what a lovely facebook status that would be.” So I looked up the lyrics of what I had been singing to insure they were correct.

“A heart full of love
No fear, no regret”

Yep…. all the pieces fit.


I wish you peace and unending joy-

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