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The art of Thanksgiving….

A small, pink flower fills the frame of the picture.

Yes, today is the day- countless people have been up since 5 am preparing an amazing meal that their family and friends who will gather to and devour it inside of an hour. This is the busiest travel holiday of the year- the struggle between man and the elements is clear (snow storms and such) and it is the day where we are to take a step back and celebrate all that is amazing in our lives.

This can be a challenging day. As a parent of children who are all capable and some actually ARE out of the house, I am distinctly aware that sometimes it doesn’t work out that everyone is home for the holidays. There can be great heart ache in change. Holidays are about family and friends. A few years ago I could not fathom that idea. As the sister/aunt of those who serve in the military, I learned early on that it is rare for everyone you love to be sitting around the same table for every holiday. Further, when that missing loved one is in danger, it make the holiday almost painful. You are distinctly aware that not only were they not in attendance, but they could be in harms way. It can be a heart ache like no other without doubt.

This day is inspired by our ancestors who took huge risks coming to a new land. Without getting into the gory details, I think it is safe to say that many sacrifices were made to venture to the unknown and establish a new life. It’s not easy you know, taking what you know and leaving it behind in hopes of a better life.

I think about our lives today. We are busy, so busy that we rarely sleep 5-6 hours let alone 8. We juggle commitments enough for three humans and we dine on fast food and whatever is convenient. Taking time for a family dinner is not easy and gets pushed back on the priority scale. We are miserable at times because frankly humans are not built to be moving constantly. We ache for down time as we fill out our day-timers with yet one more obligation. We gripe about how poorly we feel, we regret and we forget about everything that is great in our lives.

Each of us has an opportunity today- to connect with people we love, to be grateful, to honor the spirit of the day. It doesn’t matter if you have one or twenty around your table today. It doesn’t matter if you have an extravagant meal or grilled cheese. I promise you DO have something to be grateful for. If you are unable to speak to those you love in person, write a note, make a phone call, send a text or even just whisper to the universe your sentiments.

Then please, put down your cell phones, turn off the screens and just be. These are treasured days, my friends- you have an invitation to create new memories and celebrate all you have to be thankful for.

I wish you the courage to do so.
Happy Thanksgiving- I am grateful for you.

In Peace & gratitude-

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