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The art of being faithful to the journey

So this morning, as I prepared for work, I began thinking of all the different facets of my life. Sometimes it all seems like a crazy merry-go-round, other times it feels like a well mapped out journey. Either way, I am confident to say that I am where I am supposed to be.

I haven’t always

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Sometimes it is difficult to trust the path we are on. I think for me I was worried I took a side road that really wasn’t meant to be on my path. But now, in this place, I really do believe that everything happens for a reason, everything makes sense, at least at some point and it’s okay to trust that plan even though I don’t seem to know what comes next always. I feel like my life is some orchestrated movie and I am only given the script when I REALLY need to have it. At the end of most of the scenes, I have these little “ah ha” moments and I understand.

Recognizing this has given me the ability to hold on in the dark times. Even since opening this gallery- (which have I mentioned lately that DREAMS COME TRUE?! -but I digress), there have been dark times. Obstacles that seem much bigger than I possess the tools to fix, or moments of doubt- after all who am I to be bold enough to capture and live in my dreams? It’s a process. Sometimes the dark times ARE really, really dark, but the cool thing about the universe is so far the sun comes up every single time. This gives new perspective and new life to whatever challenge we might be facing.

So in any journey there are good and difficult times. bumps in the road and rainbows- it is your mission to just keep holding on. It’s your job to grow from the less desirable moments and make something better of your situation.

It’s up to you, really. Will you throw in the towel every time things get a little rough? Or will you hold on tight to the string that holds the balloon that is your dream and follow it through the darkness.

I promise. Morning light is coming- be faithful, be strong and take the chance – you will be happy you did.
In peace,
Good Morning

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