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The art of the inspired- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today many of us find ourselves with a day off from our usual routines. But like other such “legal holidays” I wonder if we pause to reflect on the purpose of that bonus day. There are several posts of facebook referencing quotes by Dr.King, I noticed NPR mentioned several opportunities to honor him, even Sunday’s newspaper listed a few gatherings around the city. Yet, how many of us will truly take the time to honor this great man?

As someone who was only six when Dr. King was assassinated, I can say that I feel his timeless impact. While my knowledge of him obviously does not come first hand, it shines from the powerful recordings of his speeches, history lessons, literature and my own imitative to study the life an actions of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. One of the things that strikes me most is how horrifically Dr. King was treated as a human being and yet his unwavering faith and conviction on how to live his life, serve others, his code of non-violence and diligent efforts to make a difference. Ultimately he paid the for his convictions with his life, an effort to extinguish his great light- Yet rest assured, his light glows on.

The journey I am on at times seems forever uncertain. I certainly would never compare myself to the incredible Dr. King, however I am trying to do what I believe is right and sometimes it takes more than a pocket full of faith to do so. I hold Dr. King as a profound inspiration as I do find both comfort and courage in his words. Dr. King did what he knew in his soul he should do. He served, he inspired, he walked in the light. This is what any of us could hope to live our lives.

Among the countless inspirations in Dr.King’s legacy I find of late his words truly manifest for me the intentions of my heart. Create Art 4 Good is the way I choose to try to make a difference in the world. Dr. King suggested the smallest of actions could make a difference. Like the pebble thrown in the water, the waves are far reacingl

These words- are so profound to me and are exactly what I needed to hear today.

One of the profound lessons here is that we continue to be inspired by a man who has not walked among us since 1968. I am sad that Dr. King’s dreams are not fully realized, but I am inspired by the fact that he fought without fighting, he inspired countless with his dedication to peace and humility and his legacy lives on.

Take a chance today. Take one step on the staircase- your dreams ARE within your grasp. Have faith, my friend… even if you cannot see the entire staircase, your journey begins with one step.

Happy Birthday, Dr. King- thank you for the inspiration you continue to be.
In Peace,

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