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The art of a little bit of wonder

It’s about the journey, yes, true. It’s about the moment. Even MORE true. Today has been full of “moments” for me.

I find more and more that I appreciate the “flavor” of a single moment. a breath really. I find it to be nearly a tiny miracle from which I am so filled with awe.

This morning, my granddaughter accompanied my sweet son to visit me at work. I began my work day reading a book to her. It was such an incredible moment to me. It felt like eating a giant delicious cupcake BEFORE dinner. I was able to spend a moment with one of my favorite humans while I was supposed to be WORKING! It was glorious. I suppose it didn’t hurt that she was beyond so damn cute.

The day moved on and there were many moments of wonder. I connected with several co-workers on different topics. Some just needed someone to care about them and their stressful situations, some shared ideas, some relayed a treasured story. I am in awe of the human spirit and how some don’t even realize how incredible they are. It’s an honor to witness.

I received an e-mail from someone who is clearly a benefactor and probably one of my most spirited cheerleaders. She’s simply amazing. She is a fascinating soul, an incredible hostess and a sweet woman. She wants to have yet another luncheon and invite several artists to meet me. She is nearly aggressive in her support. It’s incredibly wonderful. She signed her mail, “among those who adore you”…. how does it get better?

Not all moments of wonder are easy. I lost my mother four years ago this week. Today I find myself missing her dearly, wishing to have another conversation, or serve her a wonderful mother’s day meal with lobster and yummy things. I found a photo of her along with my sister and myself. It was such a PURE moment of joy that even in my sadness, I find joy.

Tonight, I took the night off. No work, no publicity, no nothing… my husband and I took the time to run an errand and have dinner. It took me nearly half of the dinner to sort of decompress. Then I found it wonderful to just take a moment and catch up, enjoy the food and not rush off to the next task. I LOVE the gallery and all that goes with it (well most) but I loved that moment too. Just taking a moment…to breathe.

Tonight I came home to find myself in a wonderful conversation with my son and husband. There was laughter, and connection- a beautiful thing. I found support in my mailbox and texts on my phone. The moment was FULL of wonder.

I wish you the ability to appreciate every delicious moment of your life. Some are more difficult than others, but all are worthy of your notice.

and I said to myself …what a wonderful world.
I wish you peace-

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