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The art of growth

just before I say goodnight

The journey isn’t always an easy one. There are good days and more challenging ones. There is new life, death, both life giving events and altering events, and challenges along the way.

It’s interesting. My “bad” days used to rob me of perspective. I’d drop like a rock. Now, (most days) I see that I am able to take that bad day and learn from it. If I cannot learn, I at the least find something to be grateful for. In the darkness I still have the great hope of light. Before this it just seemed like deep darkness. Age and experience seem to have become my friend, at least a little bit.

This is growth.
I am grateful.

This winter has been a very difficult one. As of this writing I been to more funerals in the last four months than I typically go to in an entire year. I try diligently not to be selfish but of course I don’t always succeed. All too often I find myself re-mourning my own intimate losses while trying to help others around me deal with theirs. It’s an interesting process, I am sure I learn something new each time I revisit my own sadness- even though I am quite certain I’d rather not relearn. The darkness isn’t usually as dark as it was the first time.

This is growth,
I am grateful.

This is something I have learned. There are days that ARE very dark, and even though there were times I was certain the sun wouldn’t come up because I felt so broken- It always has. I am reasonably certain it probably always will. (we won’t get into the end of the world or anything this is actually supposed to be a little uplifting) That said, if you KNOW the sun is always going to come up, that should lead you to understand that even on the darkest of moments, a new one is around the corner.

This is growth,
I AM grateful.

So take heart. Daylight will dawn – even after the darkest of days. I KNOW some days (weeks/months….) your heart is broken. But after it cannot get any darker, you will understand that a new day means new opportunity… you have to take the chance on hope. Find what you are grateful for, have perspective, it all invites the light into the darkness- it inspires hope.

I invite you to grow
and be grateful.

In Peace,

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