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The art of change

I know it’s been a while. Please forgive me. It’s certainly not that you haven’t been on my mind- but life seems to have taken a turn and I needed to catch up with the changes that it presented to my world. I sit here now trying to find the new normal.
Trying to accept the change- it’s not easy

The last time I wrote life was very different. You see two and a half weeks ago, my beloved father passed away very suddenly.
yes. It was completely unexpected. No… I am not okay.

But… we find a way to get up every day and move on with life. I am learning to now.
NEVER in a million years did I think I would have to face this change so soon. I fully expected to have at least another twenty or so more years with my father
It seems heaven had other ideas.

I don’t want this blog to be a pity party, but I do want acknowledge that one of the most important people in my life has passed.
while things are incredibly different, I know that I am supposed to stay committed to the mission- believe and keep working for good.

My father was an incredible support of Create Art 4 Good. He EVEN bought a beautiful piece of art from one of my artists through my studio. He gave the studio the gold star of approval before the dust was even removed from the previous owner. We spoke nearly daily about my business plan, ideas for success, and hopes for the next step.
He used to say to me, “Susan, you will never be rich, but you WILL be happy.”

He’s right.

I have to admit, the last few weeks have made me question everything about my life. The good news is, I still believe I am on the right path. I am more convicted than ever that Create Art 4 Good is my mission, and I am dedicated to the success of my artists, my charities and my mission.

The difference is…I not only am doing this because I believe it is my vocation. I am doing it most specifically in honor of my father and my mother. The people who taught me everything about taking care of your fellow human.

At my father’s funeral, a dear friend of his who also celebrated the mass of celebration called my father “a humble holy man”. His words ring true to me.
My father would do anything for anyone who needed it. In his lifetime he built garages and churches, managed factories, sat on countless boards and gave back to his community in profound ways.
I hope that my dear father will look down upon me to see me working hard for my fellow human, pure of heart and dedicated to the mission.

As far as this change?
Certainly my life has changed- however, my mission has not.
I take comfort in the fact that the mission I began with my father’s blessing will continue to honor and keep him – he was my favorite consultant
forever in my heart-

I wish you peace

daddy and I

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