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A request

it about the journey. It is my humble opinion that we have no clue how big the sacrifice is. It might be easy to ignore, or set aside. However you, the wonderful souls who have served our country (are serving) or love someone who has/does could write something about your experiences. My hope is that we have stories of pride, of challenges, of experiences. I also would love it if they were handwritten. I believe this makes things more “real” for those who will read your thoughts. Please email me ( for the address of where to send your missives and also fee free to share this.

I very much appreciate your help- I believe this will be a very powerful showing. The “un”official opening is April 26th and the official opening will be May 2. Details to follow.
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Thank you for your help-
blessings to you, and my gratitude for all you do.

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