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Day Six-


I know, I know… my thoughts seem to be about food a great deal- But this time I promise even though the evidence indicates this is about food it really isn’t.

You know how when you are in grade school you think you are unpopular because you only have a few friends? By middle school maybe you have found your way into some section of the school that has a wider population, so you think you are doing great now because your circle has widened. In high school you get more selective, you see that hanging with the wrong people is generally a bad idea and by college you just pray your roommate isn’t crazy. As an adult, you learn that a few forever friends trumps having a thousand acquaintances. This is about my forever friends.

You may or may not know but if you have never been to NYC- you have NEVER had a real bagel. They are good, they are not light and fluffy. They have spirit and depth (yes honest)

So do my friends.

I am blessed to say that when I need them, they are there.

On my daughter’s first birthday (even on crutches), after I miscarried, to celebrate countless moments, when my parents died. They were there.
Usually with bagels, always with a hug and the ability to heal my heart.

I wish you this kind of blessing
this kind of friendship.

In peace,

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