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Day 4

My husband, who is the king of fixing nearly everything under the sun, has suggested to me that you ALWAYS need the RIGHT tool. I have to say this always seemed to be a no brainer to me. Of course you need the “Right tool”. Then he pushed further and suggested that there are some tools that are MORE right. To be frank, to me this sounded like something silly. He was attempting to engage me in a conversation that seemed obvious and uninteresting.

BUT- he’s right.

(Please don’t tell him I said so!)

As we have established, I enjoy cooking. I also enjoy the incredible connection between me and those who have gone before me. Let me give you an example. On my right hand I am honored to wear my grandmother’s rings. It is honestly not about anything other than the fact that she wore them, and I adored her. Quite simply is symbolizes my connection to her and is a comfort and joy to me.

So back to my love of cooking. Recently, I have inherited quite a few of my mother’s and grandmother’s things. One of those things is this amazingly PERFECT tool. (remember my dear husband? You need the right tool for everything?!) My children will tell you that when I make potato or macaroni salad I slice the egg up in my hand. I actually run the knife into my palm (relax, I have actually rarely cut myself) to cut it up. However NOW, I can cut the eggs up for each salad with not only precision but also without concern for self harm! It is a win win! My family doesn’t yell at me about potentially cutting myself and the little teeny egg sections are perfect and uniform.

I know, I know.
It’s crazy
and awesome

and it IS the PERFECT tool –
and like the rings, it is a diamond in my kitchen that gives me great joy.

Wishing you great joy
and peace

egg slicer

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