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Day 3

It’s interesting. Each of us seems to have a “thing” that comforts us. It is different for everyone. I love a good cup of tea. I find it to be very comforting and kind to my spirit. Tea has become nearly a ritual for me, particularly in the colder months (and in Rochester, that is MOST of the year!)

strawberry 1

I really enjoy the art of “food”. When I am at my best I am thrilled to grow, can and create food. There is something special about picking tomatoes out of your garden and then canning them yourself, and making sauce (pasta sauce) from them in the middle of winter. I feel pride that I KNOW what went in that jar, I did not laden it with unhealthy additives.

I have a friend who finds comfort in the strawberry jam I make every spring. I discovered this after giving her an annual jar at the holidays. She was having a difficult time and texted me that everything was better with my strawberry jam. It was such a gift to me to believe that I could offer this dear friend a little bit of comfort with a silly jar of jam.

Last year my husband ripped out his Achilles tendon right about the same time of year that I usually make jam. His injury was rather serious and he needed my assistance. Jam got put on the back burner. I actually found this difficult. I really enjoy creating some “love” in my kitchen and sharing it with someone else.

So my day 3 gratitude? I was able to make jam. Not ONLY was I able to make jam, but I was able to share the love with my dear friend, another dear friend and my college student whom I sent back to college.
Yep. Good stuff. I am grateful.

wish you peace & comfort,

making jam

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