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taking a breath….

These 100 days have taught me much- while I cannot say I have been faithful to blogging, I have been faithful to taking notice. I feel like this is a mini retreat of sorts. I have learned so much. Thank you for witnessing my journey.


27- It was a quiet morning. I was able to get up, have a cup of something (NOT COFFEE) – the neighborhood was so peaceful. I took notice because life seems so hectic these days. My mind was quiet, the room was quiet and the tea (decaf – blah) was hot- It was good…

28- Today was a day of celebration- I spent most of it cooking and cleaning to celebrate my husband’s birthday. Our children (2 out of 3) were able to join us as well as my in-laws. Dinner was nice, simple and a celebration. There has been so much sadness of late- this was really important to me. Celebrating birthdays has not always been my favorite, today it was good.

29- One would think my gratitude today is my husband. While he is, and celebrating him IS important- I am grateful today because my mammogram was not only clear, it was better than last year. I am grateful. I am working on becoming healthier- and I am grateful for no issues.

30- Today I am thrilled to hang the new show. I am thrilled because I can offer help to another artist, share their hard work and celebrate the arts. Life is good!

31- Today is simple. Dinner with my sister and her beautiful family to celebrate our birthdays (Duffy and I both were born in July) – These crazy busy people took the time to not only celebrate us- but to create a beautiful, thoughtful dinner (that was delicious)- family time. Cannot beat it!

August 1- Day 32- Today opened a new show. It was pouring rain, BUT we still had an incredible turn out. My gratitude is something I am nearly embarrassed to share. I don’t want this to seem anything but the amazing moment it was for me. First let me share with you that like most people, I have moments of self doubt. Sometimes, especially if I don’t create art for a bit, well, I feel like I cannot create art. Perhaps any talent I have has vanished. So, now that you have the background you will appreciate how profound this experience was. As I said, the opening went well. At one point a woman in probably her middle thirties asked me if I was “Susan”. I nervously replied, “yes”. I shook her hand and asked how I could help her. She smiled widely and said, “Oh my gosh, your work is incredible, it is SUCH an honor to meet you!” I am sure I turned every shade of red possible, and thanked her. She replied,” Oh NO, thank YOU! You are amazing!” – well… enough said- I am still swimming from that.

Day 33- Date with my granddaughter- There are just so many things I could share about this. It is enough for me to suggest to you that we learn much from being quiet and listening to the wisdom of a five year old. I am blessed.

Day 34- Duffy Family reunion. I haven’t been that hugged in a long time. It was good. Love is good. Family is great.

Day 35- Meeting with a colleague about a future collaboration- I felt honored, validated AND she made banana nut bread- does it get better?

Day 36- kind of crappy day- It began with a funeral, but ended with “God Winks” – lesson? It all works out in the end.

Day 37- Take your puppy to work day- I took Bootsie to the studio with me. It was comical, comforting and wonderful. Sometimes you just need a friend… whew….. done!

Swimming in the clouds, reaching for the stars!
I wish you Peace-

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