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Day 38

I haven’t had much time to have a profound experience as yet, hard to believe I actually have! Because I work in a school system time starts to get a little fuzzy by August. Usually I am sleeping in (past 5am) and I have to look at a calendar to recognize the dates and hopefully not forget anyone’s birthday.

While I am not taking advantage of sleeping in, I am a little fuzzy on the dates. Just now I was thinking about the day and my grocery list of tasks I wish to accomplish. I was taken completely off-guard that today is the 7th which means Saturday is the 9th.

What is so special about the 9th you ask? Well let me just tell you!

Three years ago on the 9th of August in the year two thousand and eleven, I launched Create Art 4 Good.

With tears in my eyes and stronger than ever- I cannot express HOW incredibly grateful I am.


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