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Half way there… today is 50

This awareness thing is pretty darn amazing.
I find that I am now paying attention to EVERYTHING.
Instead of a bunch of random days, my life has become a live tetris game.

Recently I read this book called, “When God Winks” by SQuire Rushnell
SQuire speaks to the fact that nothing is really a coincidence and if we pay attention we will actually begin to see how things all fit together for the greater purpose.


Okay, so while I am exploring very consciously these 100 days, I am beginning to see how everything
EVERYTHING has a purpose under heaven.

Today I had a brief discussion with someone about a potential future project.
There were no promises made, no commitments, however,
I could easily see that our experiences meshed rather well.
For me it wasn’t even about the potential future project
It was about the wonder, the path, the connecting with another human about what gives us incredible life

Pay attention-

what a crazy blessing this life is.
As my sweet twenty year old son would say, “MIND BLOWN!”


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