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Create Art 4 Good Challenge


So… In the midst of the ALS Ice Water challenge ALL over the internet I can honestly say that I have enjoyed the innocence in which many have participated. I think it speaks a jewel in our society that we are not only willing to have a bit of high spirited fun together, but do it for a good cause.
It seems many people are not only willing to playfully dump FREEZING cold water on their heads but also donate to this worthy cause.

and I say, “AMEN!”

While my work has not yet supported ALS specifically, it has supported over fourteen non-profit organizations and equated to several thousand dollars in direct donations in it’s young life. As well as financial donations, I have donated nearly $18,000 in services and physical donations.

So I get why this ice thing has caught fire. It feels GREAT to support your fellow human. I am honored to do so. I pray that each of you continues to pay it forward- there are countless opportunities- all very worthy.

So thank you for nominating me, my dear cousin Kathy- I will continue to work hard and support my fellow human.
Thank you for the giggle… for the love-

Now back to work!

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