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and then there was fifty-three

Alrighty- time to get to work-
I admit I am moving incredibly slowly today.
My head is pounding (second migraine this week)
and while my mood is generally just fine, I pretty much want to stay in bed.

I run a few errands, and arrive in my studio about noon.

I looked around.
It was all a bit untidy

The echos from the workshop the night before still sat in conversation on the worktables

I didn’t want to clean.
So I didn’t

I sat down, and for the first time in a very long time, I KNEW what to do.
There was no question.
I got some tools out of my card catalog drawers
and then went to work.


In the beginning there were some technical issues (aren’t there ALWAYS?) but honestly it was like unwrapping a Christmas gift.
It was thrilling…
Suddenly before my eyes I had work I was proud of.
Work that probably in reality has taken me 30 years of practice just flowed out.

It was magical-
and yes, I AM grateful.

wishing you the magic-

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