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the Art of life & watercolor

There is no other way to say it!

Please forgive me for shouting….

I remember when I first began “playing” with watercolor
It was scary. My work was awful, but I admit, I was intrigued.

Over the many years I have explored the world of art
I have flirted with watercolor on and off.

I don’t honesty think it was as scary as I thought,
I think I was just getting in my own way
(None of us EVER do that, right?!)

I’ve grown, I have learned
Each time I pick up a paint brush drench it in water
and choose a beautiful color,
I fall in love with the wonder of color all over again.

Watercolor can be intoxicatingly translucent
or deep and rich, thick color
or anywhere in between
it is whatever I CHOOSE it to be.

Sort of like life-
It’s all a dance- you choose the music, you choose the steps
then the magic happens.

These days I am choosing that my days are full of color
I inhale deeply, dance wildly and sing at the top of my lungs.

My heart has NEVER known such freedom, such joy.

Do not misunderstand.
Life is NOT perfect, nor is it completely neat and wonderful
It’s down right messy at times


But I am doing my best to NOT get in my own way anymore.

the thing is, life and watercolor can be anything you want it to be.
It’s all how you handle it,
it’s all where you want to take it.

while working – my chosen media was watercolor
I was experimenting with a new idea-
One that has been rolling around in my head for probably years

Yesterday I was willing to take the chance to try
The first attempt was scary
I wasn’t sure it was going to pan out
The second was better,
third even better
and by the fourth… well… I was inlove

I felt like I had realized what was in my head for far too long
Fireworks exploded!
the Music got louder
It was nothing short of amazing.

What did I learn?
Taking chances isn’t a brave thing to do,
it’s a necessity.
Life won’t paint itself
You choose the colors, the method and the investment

then beautiful things will happen.

wishing you courage and a big sloppy palette in which to create your beautiful world
May YOU find you are inlove with your life and your palette-

In Peace and wonder,

2 thoughts on “the Art of life & watercolor

  1. That was so moving! Beautifully written 🙂

    1. Su, thank you for your kindness.

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