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fifty-four & more

Fifty four days of awareness
Keeping in mind there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for
ALWAYS lessons to be learned.
Sometimes these lessons are like neon signs
sometimes it takes a bit. I have to listen, closer

Some times I DO glorify the art of “busy”
I forget
Sometimes life is to stop
be aware
maybe even PLAY

and today that is what I did.
So blessed to be called, “Nana”

enough said.


When I am inspired, I feel powerful
I feel like I can take on the world
and SHOULD take on the world.
Then reality seeps in…
(read the word DOUBT for reality)
and there you have it
another inspiration squandered.
this was a real struggle
I felt SO inspired just about 24 hours ago
then over thinking crept in
and well.
another perfectly good inspiration left by the side of the road

this time however,
the Universe
my “support team”
everyone else had another idea
I believe because I am actually paying attention
I received confirmation after confirmation
to STOP the doubts
and go with the inspiration

LISTEN to your heart-
follow your dreams-

heart whispers

Today is about working
believing the unbelievable
seeing success in the dust
taking risks because I NEED to
and not looking back

Sometimes it is a decision,
not a “feeling”
today- this is my decision


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