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The art of flavor

It is so interesting to me. We wander through life having such a limited pallette. Rarely do we wander outside our own little boxes, yet when we do it is a completely wonderful surprise.

For instance.

Last weekend, we visited our son who is in culinary school in Providence, Rhode Island. Dylan has spent a great deal of time in the last five years working on his skill as a chef. He has experienced (and walked out of) one of the worst restaurants in Providence, and worked hard at one of the best. He was inspired daily, learned much and treasured the position.

Last weekend, he gifted us with a 7 course paired tasting at the restaurant he adores.


I am still sort of overwhelmed by it all.

The staff of this restaurant clearly had affection for my son. The head chef even made a point to visit our table and share our pride over Dylan and his efforts.

and then there was the food.

I didn’t want to embarrass Dylan by being that parent that whips out her phone every time something was placed down on the table. I promise you two things, no words could accurately describe the beauty, imagination OR the flavor of this tasting. Also, no box in my life has ever been blown up so quickly.

I admit- I tried food I didn’t think I would like. The combinations, creativity and sheer beauty made it even more difficult to maintain the wall I previously held on to.

It was a magical evening. My husband, my youngest child and I.

gracies star1

My son was able to open a door for us, and we were able to jump out of our own way and into a wonderland of flavor. We were happy to share not only such an incredible evening with him, but learn why he loved working there so much.

Sort of like life, right? We live in our macaroni and cheese lives (safe and predictable) and then BAM suddenly we are offered another opportunity, another avenue. The sounds of the orchestra swells and the doors to a richer life swing open.

Please don’t misunderstand. I am not in any way suggesting that you have to eat at a five star restaurant to really live, I am suggesting that trying new things, embracing life, shaking up your routine is not only a great idea, but the key to living and not just plowing through each day.

Don’t mark time, embrace the flavors

inhale the wonder of your life.

Wishing you five stars in all you experience,



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