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The art of tradition

You know in a mere few days it will be Thanksgiving.
No gifts, just family time.

Some suggest it is the most wonderful day of the year                                                            It can be

it can also be difficult for those who might have had loss, are ill or are experiencing other challenges in life.

In order to keep our family tradition of decorating our Christmas tree together we as a family  (minus my youngest) went to cut a tree down a bit early this year. My youngest will only be home for a limited amount of time as he is attending school in Providence, RI.

We stomped through the muddy fields trying to find the perfect tree. I love a tall trianglish tree, that is still fairly skinny. My husband loves a giant “fat” tree.

In the end we found a weird combination of the two.

As we were carrying it back to the car I found myself flooded with memories of holidays past, of recent loss and of the challenges of that loss. My heart felt like it was shattered, tears flooded and I began to cry. the last thing I wanted was to create a spectacle of myself, so I quickly wiped away the tears. Head down, hiding the pain I could only see the muddy ground beneath me.

The echos of doubt ringing in my head.

“I cannot do this”, I said.

Then. in that SPLIT second- I saw a white feather on the ground. A WHITE FEATHER!


I do not know what your beliefs are. However, mine seem to be quite entrenched in the fact that even once we die we live on, we find a way to connect with life on earth while going on to the next stage.

I believe my father, who I have recently lost was letting me know that I am not alone. His touch has been present in my life since he died. I needed him, he was there.

So I suppose the story doesn’t end here. It is just beginning.

Traditions will continue- life will go on.

wishing you love & joy as you celebrate your every day.


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