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The Art of Celebration

Today is my youngest child’s 21st birthday.

No, we are not having a party, no there is no birthday cake.

He is about three hundred and eight-six miles away.                                               but who is counting?

While my mother’s heart is terribly sad,                                                                       I know he is in the right place, doing the right thing.

Dylan 2014

This situation causes me to reflect on the celebrations of my life. It seems that as long as I can remember the effort to celebrate was constant. I learned quickly that you can celebrate every day not just on the Hallmark designated days.

this is a blessing.

When my brother was serving thirty years in the Navy often the opportunity to celebrate with him on a particular holiday was often impossible. We learned quickly that any day could be Christmas or your birthday. It was about being together. Taking a moment to honor and laughter. It was about effort made and love extended. It was not about a particular date

While I only was able to video conference with  my son today- I am grateful.He is away at school, learning new things – exploring his beloved vocation of the culinary arts and enjoying his life.

Today a celebrate him- I celebrate the completion of my family. There is no doubt that my three children and granddaughter are the brightest blessings in my life.

When this day is over, I will continue to celebrate him. I will continue to be grateful for the moments of laughter and joy we have shared. The deep intellectual conversations, the swapping of favorite recipes and the memories we have made and shared.

I hope that you too find a reason to celebrate today- every day.                                It makes life far less than ordinary- it makes the quiet moments even more important, the appreciation of what we have vital and the sad mommy moments not so painful.

Wishing you the dance of celebration.

sending peace and love to your precious heart-


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