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The art of a little bit of love

It happens, usually randomly. Someone bestows a little bit of kindness upon you and you are delightfully surprised. Sometimes it is JUST what you need. A simple card, a doodle, flowers- just something thoughtful.

In my life I have learned that it really doesn’t matter what the object is, it’s more about the intent. I actually have a bin in my studio, it’s label? “Thoughtfulness”. It contains cards and little items that I gather in anticipation of needing to send someone a little bit of love. It’s very helpful in a moment of wanting to bestow a bit of kindness. The really awesome thing is, I always feel the joy intended for the “giftee.

The awesome thing is that I too am abundantly blessed to have people share a little love with me. These last few weeks have been a bit of a challenge. I have had far too many thoughts swirling in my head. I know my life is in transition, or maybe I am just experiencing growing pains. While I feel positive about all of this in general, at times it can be difficult.

tonight I found myself exhausted. The day was long, I had a meeting and errands to run after work. I found myself coming home anxious to walk the dog and start dinner, my eye on the prize of taking ten and maybe wrapping gifts or closing my eyes for a minute.

Tis the season to have packages- I came home to several placed between the front door and the glass door in front. After placing them carefully on the table,I walked my faithful furry friend. Upon my return I shuffled through the mail, reviewed the packages and even opened a few of them. One of them came from my husband’s cousin. I was ever so curious about that one.

Inside was a lovingly written note and because these sweet souls follow my efforts at the gallery via social media, they were distinctly aware of my love of mandalas, prayer flags and Tibetan culture in general. Inside the package was not only a sweet and loving note , but also to my awe a Tibetan Khatak that was placed by the the High Lama at Sera Monestary.


To say I am blown away is completely an understatement.

I am not certain how to express the depth of my feeling.  I do know that this was a confirmation from the universe of all that is swirling in my head these days. A white Tibetan Khatak symbolizes purity of heart . Indeed it did for me.

The kindness

the thoughtfulness

the love

These things sustain me in my whirled thinking- this kindness shattered away any doubts.

a little bit of love, goes so very far.

I hope you are tempted to share your love with someone else. It needs not to be elaborate, only kind, positive and loving.

wishing you everything good.


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