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The art of Christmas

It seems to me that as we age we are caught between the idea that we have to provide all (material things) for our families and the knowledge that stuff does not make or break a holiday; people do.

A few days ago I was completely stressing about “enough” for my children and granddaughter. What is “enough” exactly? 

Enough might mean taking time to meet your family for midnight mass instead of prettying up packages that are already wrapped and tagged and complete. (NO we do not have to complete with pinterest)

Enough might mean putting down your cell phone and embrace a conversation with those you cherish as family and friends.

Enough might mean taking the time to breathe, simplify the menus and recognize that in a heartbeat NO ONE will remember if you whipped up something fancy or just created decent food that nourished their bodies and actually enjoyed a meal together.

Enough is realizing that the sound of laughter of your children, nieces, nephews and grandchild is worth more than anything that could possibly come in a box.

Enough means taking the time- to be still and listen. without embracing cliches, but to remember the reason we gather to celebrate this holy day to begin with.

Enough means a moment spent to comfort those who are mourning…  those who are hungry, those who are in need of something as simple as a hug, or a blessing.

Ribbons, boxes and wrappings trap us into thinking that they are important- but in reality they are temporary

they mean nothing

This holiday season, I wish you “enough”- I wish you the ability to recognize the incredible gifts you have and invite you to celebrate that wonder.

richest blessings be upon you



A closeup shot of a holly bush with red berries and green leaves.

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