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It’s the fourth day of the new year, so I suppose that means I have 361

Regardless that would seem to be quite a few days to live however we choose to. It’s a clean slate, it’s an opportunity.

I wonder sometimes why we wait until January 1st to embrace this idea of a clean slate. In reality every minute of every day you have the opportunity to change what you do, how you think and how you act. You have the power to change what was past and not acceptable and make it a future of success.


right now, in your heart- in your spirit.


It’s all there. No date on a calendar, no magic, no nothing. YOU HAVE IT NOW

The thing about that is, if you understand this concept you also are very aware that every moment is a new opportunity.

So if you have already blown your diet, or skipped the gym, didn’t read last night or forgot to call Grandma- YOU STILL CAN. Yesterday might not have been perfect- today is full of possibilities.

My advice to you is this-

1. Live in the moment- make your very best intent come true

2. Don’t set yourself up. There are literally only 24 hours in the day- find your balance, prioritize, but take time to accomplish what is important to you

3. breathe- see #2 Balance is key

4. Evaluate with objectivity your day (NOT EMOTiON)- what did you accomplish successfully, what could you have done better? How could you have made better choices to be more successful?

5. Try to see WHY you made the choices you did. Every behavior has a function- how did your choices serve you in the moment? What could you have done to ultimately serve your goals.

6. Forgive yourself, move on. The next moment is fresh and new- you can choose to mourn your failures or celebrate your potential.


I wish you the most success possible.

In Peace & Love,






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