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Will You Give an Inch?

Will you give an inch so that I can reach a mile?

It’s interesting- I have long believed that it is important to work hard for what you need. It’s actually a great thing, fills you with accomplishment and maybe even a bit of pride. I believe that with everything I am.

These days I am working hard and dreaming out loud. I am moving forward with CA4G in a powerful way- doing my best to make a difference and pay it forward.

My dreams include a more professional space. Every time I hang a show I pull out the nails from the previous exhibit, often spackling and repairing the wall. Sometimes I even feel the need to paint it. Then once it is dry I hang the next show. Sometimes adjusting several times before I am satisfied with the exhibit. This takes a great deal more time then when I used to hang exhibits with a hanging system.

I admit, I often rehang a show several times before it’s right. I think the worst hanging experience was about nine hours.

So, that said, I believe that a hanging system is a need not a desire. I can make the wall “pretty” (or as pretty as an old industrial wall can be) and put the hanging system up and have a beautiful, professionally hung exhibit in much shorter amount of time.

hanging system

I’d be less frustrated

I’d be able to devote my time to changing my corner of the world (not just the holes in my wall!)

I would honor the work my artists more effectively.

And the other thing-

If you have been to my studio you have seen the MASSIVE lights I have- those giant, fluorescent icky green lights. I have done my best to disguise them and create what I oh so lovingly call “clouds”. However as oddly charming as I pretend they are, they do not qualify for a professional set of lights. They do not show the work as I would love to.

I would be so grateful to have lights too.


Some have suggested that I find a new space- but, I honestly love my space at the Hungerford. I am thrilled to be a part of such a dynamic group. I appreciate the efforts of each artist there. Regardless if we work on a project together or find ourselves tinkering away on a piece of art at some odd time of the day or night, the spirit of the Hungerford Urban Artists cannot be beaten. They are my artist family. I am honored to be there.

The reality is because of my goals and mission statement- I give a lot away. This does not afford me an opportunity to purchase a hanging system or lights any time soon.

I have investigated the idea of crowd funding, or some other form of raising the money to bring Create Art 4 Good to the next level. I was ready to launch one idea and another arts organization in the area launched something similar. They say there are no new ideas, however, I’d like to think I can at least put a bit of a spin on an old idea.

So here goes.

I need your help. I really want to bring CA4G to shine as brightly as possible. I want to be able to use my energy as effectively as possible to shake up the art world, the community, heck the world! I want to honor artists and their art, I want to inspire someone who has never held a paintbrush to hold one and use it and be down right excited about their accomplishments. I want to pay it forward in a HUGE way.

How are we going to do this?

Inch by inch.

You read correctly- inch by inch

Do me a favor- go to Pinterest and look up “inchies”

I know you probably think it is some lil cute lil thing. NOPE. It is an opportunity for a piece of art that is no bigger than an inch. Crazy right? Are you as blown away as I am by what you see?

I would very much appreciate it if you would make one and donate it to CA4G.( Or maybe even a dozen- whatever works for you). I will be collecting them from now until November 15th, 2015. Then inchie artists unite! They will take over the gallery for the December small works exhibit (we are taking a small works exhibit to a whole new level!)

May I tell you? I am grateful, in advance. I believe this could be a really powerful event. It will help me immeasurably- Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The really neat thing is- this can be sent from anywhere in a small envelope- it isn’t costly to create, it is a small space- it will push your creativity and well, I am pretty darn excited.

There will be more details to follow- I just wanted to get the ball rolling.

If you are in the Rochester area I will be having an “inchie party” once a month. I will provide art supplies, you bring your creative spirit! (and anything you would prefer to work on) The first party is Wednesday, January 28th at Create Art 4 Good 6:30pm-8:30pm. Please let me know you are coming-

I have broken all the rules here- the blog is too long, I am asking for a crazy amount of generosity, there are probably 27 things wrong with this idea, yet, I KNOW it is going to be successful.

Thank you for your inch- I am pretty excited about what is yet to be.

Blessings, love and deepest gratitude.


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