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Just Love

So, someone at work asked me about my book. (I am SO excited about my book!) To be honest, it was a “moment for me”. I recognized that it is taking MUCH longer than I planned on, but also feel confirmed that everything comes at the right time. This project feels so much bigger than I am. It feels right… it feels wonderful… it is both scary and exciting!

I suppose my point in sharing is that I believe that with everything I am that when you are doing what you are meant to do, everything falls into place, your heart is full, you have the ability for patience (when normally you might sort of stink at patience and all that virtue and such) For me it is love manifested. This illustration seems to fit.

My thought for you today is to “just love” the rest falls into place.

Thanks for listening! I just wanted to share!SACD_Just love 2014

2 thoughts on “Just Love

  1. You’re so cool! Can’t wait to see the book (and sell it for you at Fairport Pharmacy!)

    Love the happy painting too.


    1. Stefani- you are such a wonderful support. Thank you! I cannot wait to share!
      The paintings will be throughout the new book!

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