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the art of taking it all in….

So, I will be honest to share with you that most often I have a camera in my hand. If not a camera, I have a phone that takes pretty darn awesome photos. I am guilty of the fear that I will “miss the moment” or the perfect shot. When I take a photo, I don’t take one or two, I take more like thirty. I WILL capture it if “it” is to be captured.

This is a blessing of the digital age.

However, I have often said, that the digital age has ruined our ability for wonderful communication, for living IN the moment.

I am guilty of this too.

This morning, when I was walking our sweet dog the sun was just beginning to rise. The sky was a beautiful orange pink. It was breathtaking.

The contrast of the barren trees, the quiet street and the intense sky thrilled me.

No camera near, I instinctively reached for the phone that always resides in my front pocket.


no phone.

Just the puppy and I.

I started to turn around to go back into the house to retrieve the phone that was laying there on the table.

I stopped.

The invitation was there to be IN the moment and not CAPTURE the moment

this moment was for me. It was an invitation to breathe.

I accepted, with gratitude the invitation.

I can report with joy that I thoroughly enjoyed the moment- the intense color, the quiet of the neighborhood, the happy puppy.

It was a an opportunity, it was a wonderful moment.

So there are no photographs to support these words. Nothing visual, just an invitation-

enjoy the next moment that you are offered. Breathe, enjoy , sing, dance… go for it!

Wishing you a moment just for you.

with peace and love,                                                                                                                 Susan

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