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The art of self care….

So there is a lot of hype about the idea of self care. Some actually suggest that it’s the new hip way to be selfish and not work extra hard.

They are wrong.

Over the last few months I have been working harder than I can remember in recent history. For the most part – it’s been good. Hard at times but good. I am living my dreams. doing when I am meant to do.

but I am tired.

Not just physically but mentally and spiritually too.


Because I am spending too much time doing what I am “supposed to do” and not enough time doing what gives me life. I am not taking breaks, I am filing up every day with my “to do” list and not accomplishing nearly enough.


I stopped. I quit-

Nope, I didn’t quit my day job or volunteering.

What I did do was quit trying to pack 43 hours into every 24 hour day.
I slowed down enough to be present with the people I was meeting for drinks, or to have lunch with my adult children. I recognize that actually slowing down long enough to take a nap will make me a bit more effective. I took a longer walk with my sweet puppy, I actually sat down to watch a movie, or draw something for the mere pleasure of drawing it.

I learned that you cannot get water from an empty well.
I learned that as much as I really want to succeed and make this business bloom I cannot spend every minute of every day trying to make that happen.

I learned that if I take time for dates with my husband, reading a book, or taking a few extra minutes in the shower- that I can breathe deeper, bloom brighter and work smarter.

I am not done changing…

I know that I have many more things to change so that I can fully live and thrive. I will. One step at a time.

Self care is not just taking a moment, but fully being present in that moment. Self care is not limited to naps or walks, but listening to what your body needs.

Self care is about embracing the sunrise, noticing the bloom and answering the call to take care of your own needs. NO ONE knows you better – no one has more responsibility, no one

A sunset over a lake

Take this moment. do one thing for YOU that you need. It is not about indulgence, it is about sustaining your body mind and spirit.

Go ahead- you are worth it too.

Wishing you blessings and peace.


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