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ACEO & Inchie party

leavesYou are invited to do good things and share your talents and love! This Wednesday we will have an incie and ACEO making party!

This is an opportunity for you to share your work and gather with fellow artists and create! The ACEOs and Inchies will be collected and sold at the small works exhibition in December at Create Art 4 Good as a fundraising opportunity.

The wonderful thing about this effort is that you are welcome to join us and play and create, or you can mail or drop off your work at the studio. (Create Art 4 Good Studios, 1115 E. Main Street, P.O.Box 49, Suite #201, Rochester, NY 14609)

This works for artists near and far.

What is all of this for? Create Art 4 Good is in need of lights and a hanging system. This is our fundraiser toward that effort. Lights and a hanging system will show YOUR wonderful art in a most fantastic and magical way. I am grateful for your help.

So: You are invited to create a teeny weeny piece of art (1″ squared or ATC size 2.5″ x 3.5″) Do as many as you’d like! We will collect them through November 15th. Then we will get ready for the fundraising wonder of the year! All proceeds will be donated to CA4G lights and hanging fund to be sold at the small works exhibit in December 2015.

Come, play with art supplies, create little pieces of art and share some giggles. Thank you in advance.

You don’t know what an inchie or an ACEO/ATC is? Don’t judge- it’s fun! Look at Pinterest- or google it! Good stuff.

To participate in the studio event you MUST make reservations- but that is all you need.

Feel free to bring whatever you would like to work on. I will have supplies available as well. Questions? email me at :

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