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Let’s get to work…

It seems to me that we are all in this together.

I mean that. I am not blowing smoke or spitting out a cliche. I honestly believe we ARE all in this together. So, the person on the corner when I get off the express way asking for a some sort of work so they can eat, the highly successful business person from who I purchase ____ fill in the blank, my next door neighbor, my competitor  (yes even my competitor) – each one of us- yes, we are in this together.

Tonight I was honored to host a meeting in my studio- it was a marketing meeting. Each person who attended brought something to the table. While each person who attended was an entrepreneur, each also had walked a very unique journey. The beautiful of unique experience is the fact that we each had something to offer that was unique and yet the commonality also tied us together.

At one point, one of the artists said something like,” Clearly your work and your spirituality are closely tied together.” I wanted to hug her.

Someone gets me.

I am to a point in my life where I don’t exactly NEED people to understand everything I do. I don’t need constant affirmation, I don’t want the fluff or stroking, but it is an amazing moment to have a fellow professional to see where you are coming from and give you validation of your efforts.

Now more than ever I am ready to get to work. This journey is pretty interesting, isn’t it?


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