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Giving Tuesday

Today is “Giving Tuesday”

It is my opinion that we are “all in this together”. When I have success, you do, and when you have success, I do. I try to be there for someone in need and I have certainly been blessed abundantly when I have been in need.

Part of the mission of Create Art 4 Good is to pay it forward. Today is a day declared as a day to consciously giving. I offer the following for you to consider.

Give a little- it feels good, I promise!

with peace and love,


The Barbara Carmen Creative Experience Fund

Me with my Mom and Sister Christine

Barbara Carmen was an extraordinary woman.While she faced many challenges in life, she always found it in her heart to take care of another. She was generous and kind. She fought for the under dog, she shared her faith and her creative spirit. She was the creator of many good things. She was an artist, a chef, a master gardener, concert pianist and a scholar. She was a mother, wife, daughter, sister, grandmother, great grandmother and friend.

My earliest memories include watching my mother paint or draw. She used these talents to share with others, to create something thoughtful. I admired her gifts.

My mother had the most giving spirit. She offered food and a warm hug to the hungry, a long visit, communion & prayers and homemade soup to the sick, and a bed to those who needed rest. Her deeds were not intended to give her glory, only to comfort those in need.

My mother faced many physical challenges of her own. Cancer was only one of them. It is because of her strength and her conviction to serve her fellow human that I have begun this Experience Fund. My intent is to honor my mother while diligently trying to follow in her footsteps.

The experience fund is offered to those being treated for cancer. I believe that ART heals- I would love to offer you a creative opportunity to create, to heal, to forget your worries for a bit. A workshop is offered to you at a reduced cost.


Camp Hope
Camp Hope exists for anyone who has ever been part of a single-parent family. Whether you’re a single parent, adult child, blended family, or empty-nester, the common thread of being part of a single parent family at one point or another binds us together – and allows us to mentor one another, support one another, listen, learn, and love.

Allie Shea
Allie Shea Project
Alle Shea was a brave little girl who was born with type II Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI). OI is a genetic disorder characterized by bones that break easily, often from little or no apparent cause. Rolling over in bed or sneezing can cause a fracture. This organization run by her parents seeks to find the cure.

Human Touch Initiative
Human Touch Initiative (HTI) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization begun in August 2008 by Kim Ross, a Rochester-area licensed massage therapist who is trained in oncology massage.
HTI’s mission is simple: To provide people with cancer access to massage, known for the relief of the side effects of cancer and its treatments. CA4G seeks to help relieve the discomfort of fighting this terrible disease.

Josh Rojas Foundation
The Josh Rojas Foundation honors a wonderful young man who died suddenly leaving family and friends devastated. Unfortunately this is not a new story. The foundation reaches out to families in support in their darkest hour of need. It also seeks to celebrate the life and gifts that Josh himself personified. CA4G proudly supports the efforts of this organization.

We are serious about paying it forward- if you have a devoted charity you would like us to consider supporting, please contact Susan @


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