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poems, prayers and promises

You never really know where your gifts will come from. My aunt is downsizing and inside her Christmas card this year, she returned some poetry I had written, some of which I had written nearly two decades ago. I didn’t put a lot of stock in it. I didn’t even read them right away. But then, I took the time to read the words I had written when I was in a very different place.

So interesting how you can touch another part of your life so quickly reviewing a few words on a page.

What a gift to touch that part of myself again. I have always loved words, weaving them and watching them bloom into a beautiful thought or capturing a moment that deserves to be memorialized.

How inspiring to review and renew my love of writing – I took this as a confirmation to return to poetry and writing, to honor that side of myself once again.

What a gift. You never really know what your thoughtful actions might mean to someone else. Be kind, follow your heart and I promise you, you will make a difference.Power of Words

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