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this sacred journey

Recently, I have taken quite a bit of time to work on me. I have faced some demons, embraced the light and perhaps started to understand a little more about me, about my mission as a human being on this earth.

No, there weren’t rays of sunshine blinding me from the heavens, but I have to say that in many ways this transformation really was just about that obvious. No, I probably don’t “look” metamorphosed, but as one friend noted recently, I am “calmer, more content, definitely more at peace.” I’ll take it.

One lesson I have witnessed repeatedly (and hopefully learned) is that we each have a mission or a calling. Just as each of us has a unique fingerprint, it is also true that each of us is blessed with unique gifts and abilities. I now understand why my mother constantly encouraged me to “not hide my light under a bushel” but in fact, to shine like a star. I really misunderstood- It wasn’t a pride thing, it was really a just use your gifts thing. I couldn’t understand that. I mistook confidence in one’s mission for arrogance.

The work I have done has not always been easy. There were many lessons to learn. There were many questions I struggled with and I had to sit and wait for the answers. They weren’t always revealed all that quickly, but truthfully each seemed to arrive in the right time. The mission has been one of joy, but also hard work. It seems self-actualization could actually be within reach.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, so many reasons. I want you to experience this great and amazing gift.

One of the lessons I have learned is that the more vulnerable I am, the more open I am and honestly the more successful I am. When we are born we are completely vulnerable. Nothing protects us when we leave our mother’s womb. Yet our needs are very simple and we don’t really know to self protect.

ah HA! Exactly

The more I ALLOW, the more I am present, the more joy that rains down on me.

This is not an easy thing. As we grow and age we learn to protect ourselves, we allow addictions to keep us from our fullest potential, we even INVITE these things into our lives on purpose. I am not speaking of addictions as someone completely incapacitated in a gutter with a horrific drug habit. I am actually speaking of the little things that are subtle, that sneak into your life and rob you from actually living.

I invite YOU to actively explore. Maybe go off the grid for a bit. Explore, learn and grow.

I pray you are patient and discover as I have – the wonder of this sacred journey.

with peace and love,


Sacred Journey

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